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  • 11/4/2013
Hey guys,
I thought i had a project thread here, but I guess I don't.  Hehe..
Anyways, i'm the owner of an extremely rare 1991 Isuzu Impulse RS that came with AWD, turbo, and intercooled, plus handling by Lotus in factory form.
Naturally, this is a project i simply cannot leave in factory form - I'm dead set on turning this in to a show winning and street/strip/track performing beast.
So, without further ado, here are the mods that i have done to the car, and plan on doing with the car in the near future:

Current modifications:

1) Block bored 1mm over, honed, decked, dunk tanked
2) Crank forged, polished, nitrated
3) Rods balanced all within .001g of eachother
4) Top-Line main and rod bearings
5) Arias forged 1mm oversized pistons, floating wrist pin design, 9.45:1 CR
6) Toga high volume oil pump
7) High volume water pump
8) Removed air conditioning to fit turbo
9) Decked head
10) 3-angle valve job, new valves, valve springs
11) Hydraulic lifters
12) ARP head bolts
13) Ported and polished intake and exhaust ports on head, gasket matched
14) Ported intake plenum and intake runners
15) Custom cams, 218/.350 intake, 225/.350 exhaust
16) 1.8 intake upgrade, EGR block-off plates, powder coated gun metal
17) Removed all other EGR components
18) Custom equal length tubular exhaust manifold
19) Big 16g turbo built for Mitsubishi EVO 8
20) Custom down pipe 2.5"
21) Jet-hot coating on exhaust manifold and down pipe
22) Custom turbo adapter pipe (outlet) stainless steel 1.75" to 2.5"
23) Custom mandrel bent stainless steel intercooler pipes 2.5" all the way
24) Spearco large front mount intercooler with 2.5" inlet and outlet
25) GREDDY type RS blow-off valve
26) Silicone couplers
27) Stainless steel t-bolt clamps
28) Oil catch can
29) Oil filter relocation kit
30) Stainless steel custom length braided oil lines
31) CNC machined turbo oil drain pipe adapter (for turbo and oil pan for turbo oil drain)
32) Thicker walled vacuum lines
33) K&N PU-4950 cone air filter with 2.5" coupler
34) Full 2.5" exhaust, catalytic converter delete, straight through canister muffler
35) 3-bar map sensor
36) TurboWerx Exa-Pump electric scavenge pump for the turbo oil return
37) Walbro 255lph in-tank fuel pump

Engine Management
Haltech E6GMX Standalone ECU

1) Clutchmasters stage 5 unsprung 4-puck clutch
2) Clutchmasters pressure plate
3) Balanced and surfaced flywheel
4) RTR short throw shifter

1) Honda Civic aluminum racing radiator 2-core
2) Mishimoto 12" thin design fan, 1300 CFM
3) External aluminum oil cooler
4) Frankenstein radiator hoses (temporary)
5) CNC machined polished aluminum radiator overflow tank

1) Drilled/slotted disc brakes
2) EBC Greenstuff brake pads (front)
3) OEM brake pads (rear)

1) Hankook H-405 all season 215/45/17 tires

1) KYB GR-2 struts all around
2) RTR Adjustable Coil-overs

1) Optima Red Top battery, relocated to battery box in trunk
2) High quality 4-gauge wires for battery
3) 460cc injectors
4) Beru Firebraid 8mm plug wires
5) NGK "one step colder" spark plugs
6) Upgraded to distributor less ignition

1) Autometer Cobalt Wideband o2 sensor/gauge
2) Autometer Cobalt 30psi boost/vacuum gauge
3) Autometer Cobalt electric oil pressure gauge
4) Greddy Profec B-Spec II electronic boost controller

1) Suede Headliner (black)
2) a-pillar gauge pod direct replacement of OEM part

1) Fiberglass fenders
2) Shaved door locks
3)Shaved antenna
4) Shaved drip rails

1) Wire tuck
2) Custom carbon fiber spark plug cover plate
3) 1.8 valve cover and intake powder coated gun metal

Current state of vehicle:
I was getting too much oil pressure to the turbo so I had an oil pressure regulator and reducer installed to fix that, however the damage was done and the turbo is off being rebuilt.  The power steering rack was also leaking really badly and is also being rebuilt.
Future mods and stuff currently in the works:
All interior will be blacked out.  I have door panels being made with black vinyl and some charcoal suede inserts and cobalt blue threads.  Also, interior plastics will be wrapped in suede as well, along with the same blue stitching, and the rear side/seat inserts wrapped in black leather.  I also have the interior door handle bezels, the spark plug cover, and the headlight surrounds being hydro dipped in a carbon fiber design by Rev Match Design based out of Pueblo.  I know they do really good work, and I look forward to getting those parts back soon.
As far as the body and paint, i have all of the components required to get the paint job done.  It will all be house of kolor, with a white sealer coat, and the base coat will be house of kolor's lapis blue metallic (a dark kinda blue), and the top coat will be house of kolor's kandy cobalt blue, and the pinstripe will be done in a blue marble outlined in gunmetal to match the valve cover.  I'm just waiting to get the other components back so i can start stripping the interior completely, and pulling the engine.  Some other components in the engine bay will be powder coated gunmetal, and I will also be filling any unused holes and grinding unused studs out of the engine bay then smoothing it out to make it look very clean.
I will post up pictures tonight - most of them are stored on my home computer and i'm at work.  But i do have a majority of my pictures on my profile, albeit they aren't fully up to date.
  • 11/4/2013
Damn, that's a lot of work! It's awesome that you are saving such a rare car, can't wait to see this :D
  • 11/4/2013
For more info and pictures, check out my cardomain:
I am seeming to lack in the area of being informative of my updates unless it's on facebook.
Speaking of which, if anybody here is interested, i have a page on Facebook for mostly colorado springs car projects, but welcome anybody else to join.  just search for "colorado springs project cars" and you'll find us.  The more people we have in the group, the more eye candy there is.
  • 11/5/2013
Wow! Iv'e gotta say, that's a pretty impressive set up, and I can't wait to see the finished product. Really cool build on a car you rarely see. 

 Planning on bringing it out to the meets in Denver once it's finished? 
  • 11/6/2013
When it's done I will be showcasing it in as many shows as possible, even if it requires some driving.

Hee is the base coat, house of Kolor lapis blue metallic.

I'm going to have candy cobalt blue over that, and the end color (not the car lol) will be like this:

Everything I'm doing is house of Kolor and should look amazing when it's done.  I already have all paint materials, just need to pull motor and interior then it's off to paint.
EDITED on 11/6/2013
  • 5/5/2014
So i have a slight update.

Things have changed from the original mod list.

I have since acquired a Gato Performance sheet metal intake manifold, a modified fuel rail, Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator, a bigger front mount intercooler, 3.5" charge pipes, HKS sequential blow off valve, and some other small aesthetic things.

At the moment, i have the following under way:
Platinum Powder Coating is powder coating the intake manifold, fuel rail, and some suspension stuff for me.  All of it will be gunmetal.  They're also going to blast the rear diff and some other stuff that can't be powder coated, to get rid of any rust/grime, etc that way i can paint those.

I also have some other parts getting Hydro Dipped at Innovative Design Colorado (on facebook) here locally, with more parts i'm prepping myself to get dipped.

The car body has gone under some nice progress.  I completely stripped the car to the shell.  The car was then sent to media blast to expose any rust or bad body work - and thankfully i did that or I would have wasted money on nice paint!  The drip rails on the roof, key locks, and the rear washer nozzle have all been shaved (welded) and the roof is about straight.  The rear quarter panels are also about perfect.  The engine bay has shaved holes and removed studs, plus i welded in a plate where the air conditioning used to go through the firewall since i don't have A/C anyways.  The engine bay is probably the toughest area to get done, but it's getting there.  Essentially it's going to be a shaved engine bay with a wire tuck and everything being wired under the dash and the wiring connector plate in the middle of the firewall out of sight.

I plan on using a RyWire custom harness throughout the car, along with an AEM EMS v2 box, plus removing any unused wiring to shave a little more weight.  I'm hoping to get the bottom of the car painted soon so that i can start reassembly of the suspension - in which i need to get some custom polyurethane bushings made for the car.
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