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  • 2/13/2013
I knew the install wouldn't be too bad but I think an install how to thread is needed. Since when you receive the box with all the goodies inside it comes with NO INSTRUCTIONS.

Thanks again to Edge Autosport for the parts!

Stock photos of what is included with the kit

I hope this guide helps give you a idea of what is involved, how much time it will take, tools needed.

Tools Needed
8mm socket
10mm Socket
12mm socket
14mm socket
clip removal tool (not needed but nice to have for the plastic clips)
flat head and Philips screw driver
extra boost tubing if you have an aftermarket bpv (GFB Response Valve does fit and work on this intercooler)

Time Required
Install of the TMIC + Splitter will take about 2-4 hours (depending on having tools needed, luck with threading a particular pain in the ass bolt, and making sure your clamps are tight)

Part A (Installing the new ducting for the Process West TMIC) 

1) Remove the sound dampening material from the hood. This is held in by clips. They will seem like they want to break but all it takes is some good force with a nail remover type tool. Cover hose/turbo openings because those things shoot out like rockets. I just put a blanket over the whole engine bay

^^I used that as a guide. I don't know how someone got that because I emailed process west for instructions to no avail.

After removing the material put it aside for later along with the clips you removed. It should look something like this.

2) Remove the plastic clips from the metal part of the intake ducting. This is where having that clip removal tool comes in very handy. After that remove the metal bolts holding the metal ducting to the hood. It makes it easier to install the process west TMIC ducting with this off the car.

This is what it will look like after you finish installing the splitter. Now just time to mount it back on the car.

3) Install the new splitter back on to the hood doing the metal bolts first then the plastic clips

4) Put the sound deadening material back on the hood and cut where it crosses the splitter. It should look something like this when done

5) Here is the finished look of the splitter looking down the scoop. If I did the install again I would paint those nuts black.

EDITED on 2/13/2013
  • 2/13/2013
Part B (installing the Process West Intercooler)

Remove the stock intercooler and bov/bpv
a. Remove the 2 bolts holding the intercooler to the turbo (circled in green)
b. remove the 2 bolts that hold the stock bov on (circled in blue)
c. remove the worm clamp holding the throttle body hose to the intercooler (circled in red)
d. remove the mounting bolt near the the master cylinder on the BOV side of the intercooler. (not shown in picture)

1) Remove bolt (this is where having leverage helps, this bolt it tight) and then install the bracket supplied with the kit. REMOVE TRANNY DIPSTICK Tighten up the bolt shown but leave the front bolt only hand tightened. You will thank yourself later.

2)Install plate extender from the bracket and hand tighten it. You need it to be somewhat loose for alignment reasons. Also at this time install the larger straight hose to the throttle body. Make sure the clamp is very tight so you don't have it blow off as your doing logs... WOOPS :furious:

3)Attach other hose. You will use your stock rubber oring type thing from the stock intercooler. You just have to cut the tab off. Again make sure to tighten the clamp up good.

4) Thread the bolt supplied on the left side FIRST. It is a pain in the ass to thread but it will eventually go in. Having a mirror and a light is a huge help with this. make sure to have the clamp for the hose to the intercooler somewhere on the hose. (this part took me an hour and I was :diaf: the whole time)

Once you have that side done its simply just a process of tightening all the bolts up, making sure the clamps are tight, attaching your BPV and going and driving the car :ritz:

EDITED on 2/13/2013 : pictures
  • 2/13/2013
Great write-up man! Too bad Revvolution doesn't have Tutorials here anymore lol
  • 2/13/2013
Thank you hopefully someone can get some good use out of it! It is much easier to do them here than nasioc lol. Simple picture upload.
  • 3/25/2013
I don't have a scooby, but a darn good write up nontheless!
  • 9/2/2019
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