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  • 11/23/2012
I bought these wheels from a buddy of mine living in Japan back in January. They were shipped to me in September so I've only had them 1 month. Long story short...I was originally told the wheels were 16x8 +38, they instead turned out to be 17x7 +44... I was taking a risk on the hub and struck out there as well. My car has a 64.1mm and these wheels have a 60.1mm.

About the wheels... They are OZ Racing wheels which means they are made in Italy. They are a gunmetal color and mesh style wheel and in excellent shape. After a good amount of research, I come up with nothing on this wheel on the internet. I have emailed OZ and they have responded asking for photos. I sent in photos and haven't heard back as of yet. I'm thinking this was a limited edition wheel and they obviously don't make it anymore, with them being in such good shape, they may be worth a good amount of money. What limits them is OZ is not a HUGE name like Volk or Works and they width and offsets are weak...

I really love the wheels, but I don't have the money to get the hub drilled out nor do I want the process to possible mess up the integrity. I want to at least make my money back so I'll be able to buy wheels that will fit my car.

Asking $600 OBO. I have these for sale locally so I would have no idea what shipping would be, but I'll take care of half of the shipping costs in the lower 48 if I get what or around what I'm asking. Tell everyone and link them to this thread! Plus one of my stock wheels has a crack in it and the quicker I can get these out, the quicker I can get wheels to replace my possibly life-threatening situation. smiley
  • 11/23/2012
Damn man, those wheels are badass. Really sucks the bore was smaller than your car's... Best of luck with it, I'll definitely put the word out and see if anybody is interested
  • 11/24/2012
^^^ This x2 man... that is a bummer.
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  • 12/21/2019
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  • 3/11/2020
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