• 9/5/2011
Welcome to REVVOLUTION.COM!So you finally signed-up for free on the web’s premier automotive enthusiast website. Now what? This thread is an aid to help you get acquainted with the REVVOLUTION.COM User-Experience, the unparalleled community network strictly for enthusiasts. What is this User-Experience? The User-Experience radiates the essence of a social-networking site. It allows you to showcase your cars, passions, and interests. How do you get into your User-Experience? Once logged-in, click on your Username @ the top right of the main navigation. Or click here if you're logged-in.Below are the basic ways for you to get integrated into the REVVOLUTION.COM community. Be sure to check out all the individual sections for the full experience!A. Build your personal profileAs soon as you registered on the site, you are brought directly to the Profile section. By clicking on the “Edit Profile” button @ the top of the page, you can edit the information that defines you. Enter as much or little information as you want to. The profile tells others who you are and what you’re about. You can dictate exactly what you want to share with the public and your friends in your Privacy Settings, see the notes below for more information on this. If you accidentally skipped this after registering, while in your User-Experience, on the left navigation, click on “Profile”. Then click on “Edit Profile” @ the top. B. Upload your profile imageWant to select an image that gets associated with your User-Experience? Upload your profile image! Click on the “Profile” link on the left-hand side of your User-Experience navigation. Click on the “Edit Profile Image” button @ the top of the page. Using the image uploader function, you can browse & upload the image that best suites you. Remember, you won’t be shown as one of our “Newest Members” on the REVVOLUTION.COM homepage until you’ve uploaded a profile image.C. Add a vehicle to your GarageYour Garage is where you keep all your Vehicles. By Adding a Vehicle to you Garage, you can add all the information that defines your individual vehicles. To add a Vehicle, while in your User-Experience, on the left navigation, click on “Garage”. Then click on “Add a Vehicle” @ the top. Input all the information you care to share about your vehicle. There’s a ton of available information to input. Once complete, click on Submit. This will create your Vehicle in your Garage. From the next window, you can upload unlimited pictures, dyno & track information to help back up your vehicle. You’re allowed unlimited vehicles in your garage, so don’t hold back, share them all.D. Create AlbumsDo you have images that don’t belong in your Garage but you wish to share? Shows? Events? Or even build pictures of one of your vehicles? Then create an Album to show your friends. To create an Album, while in your User-Experience, on the left navigation, click on “Albums”. Then click on “Add Album” @ the top. You can create unlimited albums, so don’t hold back.E. Locate Friends & Add ThemBy adding other Users as Friends, you can follow their moves on your News Feed. To locate other Users, here’s a huge list of ways to find others to Add. F. Privacy SettingsCare to share everything? Or almost nothing? Set your Privacy Settings to ensure you have your sharing dialed in perfectly. You can decide to share your HUD, Profile, Albums, & Friends with the Public & your Friends. By selecting a section to share with the Public, anybody surfing your User-Experience can see it. By limiting a section to viewable to Friends only, they’re the only ones who can see it and a Restricted Access message gets displayed to the Public. Simply paste the link to your Garage or Profile into your browser, settings, signature, etc, to create a direct link to your User Experience on REVVOLUTION.COM. A great example of this would be placing a direct link in the signature of an external forum. Allow all the forum visitors to check out your car with a simple click. To change your Privacy Settings, while in your User-Experience, on the left navigation, click on “Settings”. Then click on “Privacy Settings” @ the top.G. Order some VinylNow that you're official, order up some free vinyl decals to Rep the Revv'! Click here for the free order form, no worries, all your information is kept strictly confidential.H. "Like" us on our Facebook PaddockFinally, check out our FB page to keep up-to-date with the latest & greatest news. Click here to head over to our FB paddock. Want to learn more about what REVVOLUTION.COM has to offer? Check out our Overview page to get the bottom line as to what it is and where we’re going.