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approx 38 weeks from now

So here is the deal guys... I have recieved an early Christmas gift from my lady and it will take 9 months to get here hehehe.... catch ..»

Video gamers on this site??

I always feel that being a gearhead and video games (aka VG'S) go hand-in-hand.

Anybody obsessively play vg's? I have to admit, when ..»

Cherry Popper

Well since Team Rev opened up off topic I thought i would pop its cherry! Let the senseless banter begin! Or knowledge fulfilling discus..»

***OFFICIAL: Off-Topic Discussion directory officially open!

***OFFICIAL: Off-Topic Discussion directory officially open!

25 Cast Votes have been collected and the REVVOLUTION.COM Off-Topic Di..»
***OFFICIAL: Off-Topic Dis..»
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