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What do you do for a living?

Simple question. What? Who (If you wish to share)? Where? How long? Future plans? Pros? Cons?



EDITED on 10/5/2017

MSR Coilovers on sale

Maxpeedingrods point Coilovers price reduction.Different color for your cars.You must pick one what you like.
As follows: ..»
MSR Coilovers on sale

First Annual Bimmer Blast 2014

Hey everybody,
I'm setting up a car show, cruise, drift/bs event in the phili area on March 22nd, 2014.
This is a strictly bmw ..»
EDITED on 7/17/2017
Nice to hear that.

Big sale quality auto parts

Quality auto parts meet your need. EDITED on 7/17/2017
I checked your link and ca..»

Logged In Logged Out Count

Okay fellow Revvolutionaries, I'm sure this has happened to you a million times on here. You log in, let's say you go to the forum, and ..» EDITED on 3/3/2014
That is weird. I never hav..»

A better automotive world...

Jealousy.... It can be an ugly ugly monster. Especially in our automotive enthusiast world. I see it a lot and to some extremes too. It ..» EDITED on 5/17/2013

The Hiatus...

So over the next couple weeks my appearance on the site may be slacking a little, however it is for good reasons. Pictures to come, but ..» EDITED on 4/23/2013

Gamer Tags!


360: Chromecarz00
(using friends atm, BALL5Deep6969) lol

Post yours up! I play Reach and Forza 4.b
EDITED on 3/11/2013
whos got the ps3

New Revvolution Stickers

Is there any way I could get some Revvolution stickers for my car?. EDITED on 3/11/2013
Hey Shark, shoot us a mess..»

World of Wheels/2013 Auto Show

I live in the Pittsburgh area so this year(like last year) me and my gang of misfits I hang out with(also automotive enthusiasts) are go..» EDITED on 3/11/2013
That is an awesome surpris..»
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