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360: Chromecarz00
(using friends atm, BALL5Deep6969) lol

Post yours up! I play Reach and Forza 4.b
EDITED on 3/11/2013
whos got the ps3

New Revvolution Stickers

Is there any way I could get some Revvolution stickers for my car?. EDITED on 3/11/2013
Hey Shark, shoot us a mess..»

World of Wheels/2013 Auto Show

I live in the Pittsburgh area so this year(like last year) me and my gang of misfits I hang out with(also automotive enthusiasts) are go..» EDITED on 3/11/2013
That is an awesome surpris..»


Whos got what in there own personal arsenal? A few of the other forums I frequent all have a thread for talk about guns and all that goo..» EDITED on 2/14/2013

Smartphone replaces keys?

I am shocked to see how ..»
EDITED on 1/28/2013
Ah ok.  What's your o..»

SPOTTED- Colorado on I76 Eastbound

I was out driving tonight doing some tuning work on my car (some might recognize it out here). I was cruising down I-76 and came up on ..» EDITED on 1/1/2013

Revvolution Stickers

I was wondering. Did anyone else had the same problem that I had applying the Revvolution stickers to their vehicles?. The back of the s..» EDITED on 11/29/2012
that it does.

Theme song

If your car had a theme song what would it be or what would you make it? Mine would have to be Scream by Avenged Sevenfold. (Oh and one ..» EDITED on 11/26/2012
'You're All I've Got Tonig..»

Sentimental Song

You maybe wondering what a sentimental song is. Basically it's a song that you heard years and years ago and you can still remember wer..»

Sorry I had to...

My wife posted this on my facebook page and well my sense of humor is wide. Plus long time fan of the game...

Ha that's pretty good man!
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