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  • 1/19/2013
Hi my name is Daniel. Just signed up but can't figure out what this site is about? Just kind of general car culture or what? Did you guys just start up?
  • 1/19/2013
What's up man! Welcome to the site.

We've been around for a while, but now are really pushing for traction in both the local CO community and abroad. In the next couple months we're taking her to a whole new level.

How did you hear about us?
  • 1/20/2013
Hey there Daniel! Welcome to Revvolution. You could say general car culture is our theme, and Rocky is right about us being focused locally and abroad. Think of forming a union of auto enthusiasts professional and hobbyist alike... No matter what you drive you are welcome.
If you talk the talk, you better crankwalk the walk.
  • 1/24/2013
What's up man, formal welcome to the site!

Well, to put it as simply as I can, we're a growing group of automotive enthusiasts with focus both locally (Colorado for now) but with international appeal. We've built this entire platform with scale in mind so when the next few features come out and blow the everybody's minds, we're ready to be literally the largest automotive community on the web. Right now, we love to share performance-oriented pictures and videos via the Revvboard and also love to push out a ton of pro-grade articles with focus on varying topics.

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