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  • 1/4/2013
Whats going on fellow REVVolution members! My name is Jason Anthony and i would like to introduce my self on the forums. Looking to connect with some cool people and reading what other people have to say  on the community.
  • 1/4/2013
Right on man! Welcome to the site! 

Out of curiosity, what is your username all about? 
  • 1/5/2013
Hey welcome to the site man! Hope you enjoy your stay!
EDITED on 1/5/2013
If you talk the talk, you better crankwalk the walk.
  • 1/5/2013
welcome to the site, bro! Glad to see a new member.
  • 1/9/2013
Welcome aboard. Cool avatar!
  • 1/24/2013
lol, where've you been??
  • 3 months ago
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  • about a month ago
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