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Hello, Nissan owner

Hey guys new here, I'm currently in Kenosha, WI, I moved from Sarasota, FL here originally from Easter Europe. Yes I have moved a few ti..» EDITED on 12/27/2012

Austin Texas representing Import Sweethearts :)

I'm Linzi, from Austin Texas originally from Boulder Colorado. I grew up in a body shop family, the smell of paint and body filler is co..» EDITED on 12/26/2012
Welcome to the site! We've..»

yo dawg your speed is slow

whats up yall? my name is meagan i have an 06 speed6 i live here and the springs and love it. my car that is ^_^ nice to see a local for..» EDITED on 12/22/2012

another speed3 guy

Good day to you all. Names Josh, and i drive an 08 speed3. 

Pretty simple intro, if you want to know more, just look at m..»
EDITED on 12/14/2012
Nice bud, welcome aboard!

MS6 owner here to f*ck your couch

Hey, I drive a 2006 Mazdaspeed6 and I love my car.

I come from the far away land of 

EDITED on 11/30/2012
F**k Eddie Murphy's couch!..»

Subie owner from COS :)

Hey everyone! Lovin' the site.

Just wanted to introduce myself. Check out my profile for info.»
EDITED on 11/30/2012

ls 4 door eg from texas

whats up guys and gals im from texas and i have a 4 door 93 eg with a ls b18b1 witha  50 trim built head 450cc injectors and 255 fu..» EDITED on 11/27/2012
Nice, welcome aboard man.&..»

New from East Texas

Hey guys, this is Chad. I was asked by my good friend Alan over at Edge to come check out the shinanigans over here. I'm currently..» EDITED on 11/27/2012
Nice, I love the latest ge..»

New from Texas (lots of pics) [IMG][/IMG]

Hey y'all! I joined this site with the recommendation from a friend of mine. Seems like a great group here and excited to be a part of t..» EDITED on 11/27/2012
Nice chrome work man. Welc..»


Hello. Name is Bubba. I live in Colorado Springs, Co. Own a 02 WRX with an ej207 with some upgrades and various other jdm hooplah tid bi..» EDITED on 11/19/2012
thanks... i know exactly w..»
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