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Hey Guys New to the fourms

Sup Guys,
Names willie
located here in Colorado Springs and i dirve a 2010 lancer evolution x.
i was finally able to finish m..»
EDITED on 1/24/2013

How y'all doin'?

My name is Andrew, stuck in Phoenix, Drive an 01 Blazer and an 88 Volvo 740 wagon. The wagon is my project right now, and the blazer is ..» EDITED on 1/24/2013
Gimme plans gimme plans!

New to the site

Hi my name is Daniel. Just signed up but can't figure out what this site is about? Just kind of general car culture or what? Did you guy..» EDITED on 1/24/2013

Drive Acura RDX

What's you guys? I drive a Acura RDX turbo. Great car but not many aftermarket parts for it but its fun and fast. I take good care of it..» EDITED on 1/23/2013
Hey man!! Good to see anot..»

Well, I guess us new guys post stuff here...

Hey, names, kyle. From NW Oregon. No current project, just a couple DD's for now: 1998 Ranger XLT 4.0L OHV 4x4, and a 2005 Ford Escape L..» EDITED on 1/9/2013
Hey man, welcome aboard!


Hi everyone, my name is Alan. I work at EdgeAutosport and drive a 2008 Mazdaspeed 3. Had it for over 3 years now and just rolled over 10..» EDITED on 12/27/2012

bmw in colorado springs

my name is george i have a 2000 bmw 328i in the colorado springs area EDITED on 12/27/2012

Subie owner from canada :D

Hi everyone

Import sweethearts posted thought i'd join and check it out. 

Super cool site, can't wait to meet ..»
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Hello, Nissan owner

Hey guys new here, I'm currently in Kenosha, WI, I moved from Sarasota, FL here originally from Easter Europe. Yes I have moved a few ti..» EDITED on 12/27/2012

Austin Texas representing Import Sweethearts :)

I'm Linzi, from Austin Texas originally from Boulder Colorado. I grew up in a body shop family, the smell of paint and body filler is co..» EDITED on 12/26/2012
Welcome to the site! We've..»
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