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FNG in Colorado Springs

My names Franco.  Moved here last Sept from Germany.  I drive an 06 STi and I love McDoubles.  

My first meet w..»
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Nice Ru!  M..»

just moved to ky

is there any real cars down here that any one no of

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Welcome to the site.

Hello, new to the forums!

Sup guys names Bobby, I own a Mazda RX-7 FD3S so does my dad if anyone you guys seen the red one that has a full body kit on with vs-xx ..» EDITED on 2/16/2013
Thanks guys! @Carfre..»

New to the site :)

My husband has a profile on here and told me it's like facebook but for gearheads! Hello all I have a 2000 Honda accord thats 3 inches..» EDITED on 2/13/2013

Hello all!

My name is Edin, I drive a 2007 Audi S4, and I am happy to be here EDITED on 2/13/2013

New Colorado Guy

Hey everyone,


Wanted to introduce myself. I live in Northern Colorado and have seen the site before, finally dec..»
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Fledging Track Day Mustang in Los Angeles

Hi everyone, I'm Andrew. I'm just starting out in time attack and haven't modified my car much. It's big and heavy, but in time I hope t..» EDITED on 2/13/2013

New to the site, not to AWD

Hey guys, was at the car meet last night in Denver and talked to the guy with the clean Volvo who I assume owns/runs this site.

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Hmm, if you are looking fo..»

Rockies. (colorado new)!!

Want to introduce myself to everyone, from denver, but am currently living in southern colorado (SLV).
I got a card in my window at a ..»
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Welcome aboard, nice wheel..»

New mustang guy

Hey names charlie

I am from Colorado Springs, Co

This is my mustang

When it all started

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