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Kennedy Kustoms paint and body also known as VW fanantic EDITED on 4/15/2013
Originally posted by drx..»

Newbie (Colorado)

Just wanted to say hi, I'm new here. EDITED on 3/16/2013

New to Revv...

HI. I'm Bottoz and I like Cars. :)

Here are a few of my cars, past and present:

[b]2003 Mustang Cobra[/b] with a ..»
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Colorado Springs guy with rare car

Hey guys, I just found the site, and so far it looks good.

I'm the current owner of a 1991 Isuzu Impulse RS, which there are o..»
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FNG in Colorado Springs

My names Franco.  Moved here last Sept from Germany.  I drive an 06 STi and I love McDoubles.  

My first meet w..»
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Nice Ru!  M..»

just moved to ky

is there any real cars down here that any one no of

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Welcome to the site.

Hello, new to the forums!

Sup guys names Bobby, I own a Mazda RX-7 FD3S so does my dad if anyone you guys seen the red one that has a full body kit on with vs-xx ..» EDITED on 2/16/2013
Thanks guys! @Carfre..»

New to the site :)

My husband has a profile on here and told me it's like facebook but for gearheads! Hello all I have a 2000 Honda accord thats 3 inches..» EDITED on 2/13/2013

Hello all!

My name is Edin, I drive a 2007 Audi S4, and I am happy to be here EDITED on 2/13/2013

New Colorado Guy

Hey everyone,


Wanted to introduce myself. I live in Northern Colorado and have seen the site before, finally dec..»
EDITED on 2/13/2013
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