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The dude with a non vr4 boosted matte black galant (Colorado)

Sup guys?! 
My name is Marc and I joined the site since I love what its about. I saw a sticker on a friends car and decided to ch..»
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Oh heck yeah this makes me..»

Rockville, MD checking in. Photo intro..

What's up peeps? logging in for the first time.
First up: my fleet
Daily '07 S60R

Other daily: '08 Honda Ruckus....SWAPPED

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Hi from Colorado

Hi, My name is Chris. I live in Louisville, CO and I currently drive an Acura RSX-S, I have several mods including, headers, ECU, Cat -B..» EDITED on 6/6/2013
Hey man, welcome aboard!

new to REV

name is eric, from RI, I drive a 2004 bmw M3 6spd EDITED on 6/1/2013

New guy in Colorado Springs

I like the facebook page, didn't know there was a forum so I thought I would join. I have a car that most people would not even think a..» EDITED on 5/31/2013

New guy (Colorado)

I learned about this site at IMI round 3 last season and I finally have a car worthy of modding. I will get smack for the car, though. x..» EDITED on 5/9/2013

New to Rev!!!!- Audi a4

Hello everybody my name is Dante, currently in high school almost done though, I'm from Grand Junction, I have been into ..» EDITED on 5/7/2013

New Guy (CO)

After seeing tons of stuff from Revvolution of the Rockies on Facbook, figured I'd make a profile and Garage.

2008 STi Stage 2..»
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Noob from Colorado

Wife is part of Revv so figured I join as well. Glad I got her into cars. I own a 2010 Speed 3. So far I've done quite a bit to it. Bigg..» EDITED on 4/25/2013

New on here!

Thought I would say hello and check things out! EDITED on 4/15/2013
Hey, welcome to the site! ..»
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