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"Nice Ride" In Denver, Colorado

Hi there everybody. My name is Dave, I am from Denver, CO and I found a card on my car this past Sunday (10JUN12). I found it after a gr..»

checking in from AZ

Hey guys, my name is Mike. I was turned to the site by my buddy Matt who's living up in colorado and i have to say that so far so good, ..»

New here from San Diego.

What's up guys I'm new on this site. I was at formula drift last weekend in long beach with my girl and found a Revvolution card in my w..»
welcome to rev man im over..»

"Nice Ride" 03 Bug Eyed WRX from Colorado

Thanks for the invite fellas! I'm looking forward to rocking this forum with yall! I'm actually tring to figure out what to do to my Sub..»

New guy From California

Hey there everyone :D The name is Jon or Johnny. New here. A car enthusiast and car rider .

Hello from Upstate NY

hey everyone im fairly new here ready to play my part in helping the community

New guy

Hey guys just wanted to introduce my self, names alex. Im an Emergency RN working towards my Nurse practitioners degree.

Currently ..»

new to the forum

Someone left a card on my WRX while I was up in Breckenridge this weekend. Figured I'd check out your forum.

I am 25 yrs old and liv..»

Hello I Am New HELP!!!!! Portland,Or

I am New know nothing i live so close to PIR that i can here the cars in the morning i want to learn how to work on cars. but i do not e..»
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