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Hello from UT

Updated all the info for the garage, just saying hi before i head into work. Also here is a pic of the whip


Hey guys, check out my cool stickers!

hello from Maryland

Heard about the site at the Baltimore Grand Prix. I checked it out, and so far, I like it! We just need more members now.

Hello from Georgia!

Just starting to get my footing around this site and wanted to say hey!

Another Baltimore Swede.

Hey everybody. AJ, S60R owner. Nice looking site, but wow, a lot of info to be put in profiles.

Hi, from the UK

Hi, my name is Will and I'm from Ireland but living in the UK I'm into anything car related from driving to motorsport especially F1


Japan checking in

Site is looking good so far, keep it up Rocky!!
wow that v50 is sex!

GTA, Canada Checking in!

From upnorth with my 2009 Volvo c30, just saying whatsup!


hey guys, my name is ivan, i live in minnseosta, looking foward to seeing this place grow. i had the same idea last year, but i was just..»
consider it done!

From Puerto Rico

hello, from PR.......

im setting my garage, hope to learn something from this forum lol

have a nice day everybody ...
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