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Been here since conception...

Saw the forum on Swedespeed a few months ago and am excited to be here! I'm in Orange County and work at Ferrari. Huge car guy, wasn't a..»

New Guy from Michigan

Hello all.I live in Michigan. I own a 2000 Subaru Impreza OBS. Looking forward to chatting with you.

New from the Grand Junction area

Hey whats up fellow enthusiests! I found this site through Dsport so i thought i would check it out. Good stuff thus far. Well im not th..»

EVO Guy from Germany

Hello all, ran across this site in a google search. Look cool so I joined. I am in the military stationed in Germany. Originally from Sa..»
hey chopshop welcome to th..»

been lurkin'...

Finally signed up. Cool site! Howdy.

Guy from SoCal

Sup everyone, Honda guy from southern California here. Hoping to see some big stuff on this site :D

Hello from Tucson,AZ

Whats going on? i am a Marine from tucson,az. I have a couple cars i am really proud of. i work hard for them so i appreciate them more...»

Checkin' in from WA

Sup guys! Jus finally got around to makin' an account here, found out about it through dsport a few weeks ago though! I'm up in the paci..»
I've always kinda of been ..»

newbie from Hawaii

just stopping by to say aloha

Post pictures of your ride.

Post pics of what you drive here and list parts you installed.

I'll start.

1994 Toyota Corolla 1.6
Custom Header, high flow cat, ..»
Post pictures of your ride.
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