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New guy From California

Hey there everyone :D The name is Jon or Johnny. New here. A car enthusiast and car rider .

Hello from Upstate NY

hey everyone im fairly new here ready to play my part in helping the community

New guy

Hey guys just wanted to introduce my self, names alex. Im an Emergency RN working towards my Nurse practitioners degree.

Currently ..»

new to the forum

Someone left a card on my WRX while I was up in Breckenridge this weekend. Figured I'd check out your forum.

I am 25 yrs old and liv..»

Hello I Am New HELP!!!!! Portland,Or

I am New know nothing i live so close to PIR that i can here the cars in the morning i want to learn how to work on cars. but i do not e..»

old newbie here! lol

Haha been a member for sometime time... just havent loaded my profile up! Anyways just wanted to say Aloha from Hawaii! I finally got my..»

newish member from the evergreen state. <3 my 4x4 lol

hey guys my name's justin and im from washington. i was gifted a sweet little mazda b2600 4x4 with a weber carb and straight, beater-fre..»
haha yea i love the sticke..»

Greetings from MA, with love of AWD!


I saw the ad for this site in the back of DSPORT, and I thought I would join up.

I have previously owned a WRX, a GSX, and..»

Aloha from Austin

Hey all an Evo driver here. I love doing track days and driving. have a little blog over at Exploding Evo

anyone else from IA

i found this site on facebook and loved it can't wait for my vinyl
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