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HYT H4 Alinghi Special Edition Watch

I have been waiting for this. The HYT H4 Alinghi Special Edition has launched a remarkable dimension HYT watch, which was not previously available: the second crown. But wait, I heard you crying, what is it on earth? The HYT H4 Alinghi Special Edition is basically a clone of its predecessor, isn't it? The motion structure of H1 is almost the same as H1! The caliber is hollow, but that's it: Where are the complications of needing a second crown?

Well, in an interesting way, the crown is complicated. Hidden between 4 o'clock and 5 o'clock is a small generator that is charged by winding the crown. When pressed, the dial is bathed in bright white light for up to five seconds. The light source is two tiny LEDs hidden by the 6 o'clock mark. This is a completely mechanical process - no battery. Nothing, but the old gear and fingers are twiddling. Another first of HYT.

The effect of LEDs is really important. Obviously, the red liquid used to represent the hour illuminates itself more naturally than the conventional hour hand. The light refracts within the liquid and appears to glow evenly. The movement itself is also very suitable for lighting - the angle of the light source picks out the details in the movement and casts it into strange high definition. This watch looks like a press release on the wrist; we are used to seeing this sharp image in the showcase, or see it directly from Photoshop - it's a bit strange to see it in metal, but it's great.replica watches sale

My only reservation may not be about HYT: it won't appeal to everyone. I think that watchmakers will try to curb their contempt for bringing power into the sport, regardless of the mechanical purity of its origin. And I have to admit a little brand bias: I won't stand on the top of the mountain and claim to the world that every watch brand should use a micro-generator in their next watch just because I think it's great in HYT.

That's because HYT is different from any other brand. Their watches perform very simple functions in a completely unique way. If it weren't because the brand was already working on a different judgment plane, then I would be disgusted with this increase (imagine how eccentric it would be for Breguet! Tourbillon or something similar). However, the normal rules do not apply to HYT. In fact, the USP they chose fits well with the light; in fact, their brand aesthetics fits with the existence of electricity; in fact, for a family that can refine its beauty into two simple words: watchmaking For the company, the crazy innovation feels natural. fluid.

In addition to the mechanically produced light, what can the HYT H4 Alinghi Special Edition offer to investors? First of all, only 25 pieces are available, this is the first watch of the same type, so it may not sit on the shelf to collect dust. Second, the HYT watch is traditional, but it tells the time. But usually, it doesn't do this in the normal way: as we know, the hours are represented by the creeping red liquid around the surface; the minute is read by the Arab sub-dial at 12 o'clock; the running seconds are by CD Displayed around 9:30 (this is not the "normal" position of 9:30, because the number of hours the bellows can be accommodated at 6 o'clock).jacob & co astronomia replica

The second is decorated with the logo of the Alinghi Racing Team, and red and black are the source of inspiration for this color. This watch has a lot of cool colors, my favorite is the rubber handle on the crown at 4 o'clock, but there are other red dash at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock, the stitch on the back of the rubber On the silver sail canvas strap, and the 2:30 power reserve indicator pointer. Check the design of the minute hand - I think the foundation of the hand is almost cog-like, of course industrial, really cool.

The 51 mm wide case is made of 3DTPTM carbon. The height of the watch is 17.9 mm, which sounds a lot, but I wear an H1 watch (same height) on my slender wrist, which they wear very well, mainly because of their lightness. The crown of the rubber cladding is DLC coated titanium. The dome sapphire crystal is treated with an anti-reflective coating, and the screw-in case back cover ensures a water-resistant depth of 50 meters. The time is indicated by the retrograde fluid hour indicator, powered by the 28,000vph HYT exclusive movement, 35 jewels and 65 hours of power reserve.



HYT's H4 metropolis resists gravity by using fluorescent liquids to display time

HYT has become an expert in mixing machinery and liquids in watches. The 'H4 Metropolis' uses two adjustable reservoirs with a capillary at each end - one colored aqueous liquid and the other a viscous clear liquid. Keeping them apart is the repulsive force of the molecules in each fluid. Two bellows made of a strongly electrodeposited alloy are moved by the piston.ulysse nardin replica watches

The hour is indicated by the colored fluorescent aqueous liquid released from the flexible reservoir compressed by the piston. The system eventually pushes the liquid back and forth in a so-called retrograde manner. The tarting from a white paper is what we know. This is how all of our models are created,” said HYT watch CEO Vincent Perriard. "b UT here, with light complications, new challenge settings: we have to start using our own existing caliber as a complete , the basis of functionality. We basically have to add a piece to the already completed puzzle.

The 'H4 metropolis' titanium black bezel is also equipped with a light source. At six o'clock, HYT hides two LEDs. Once activated, they illuminate the entire dial with blue light. At night, the green liquid is excited by it and becomes completely visible. At the same time, the flow of light flows into every detail of the caliber, revealing the life of the building.

HYT H4 Metropolis

Thanks to the LED driven by the micro mechanical generator, the button on the case lights up the dial.

The green liquid indicating the time on most HYT watches is fluorescent, but it does not glow in the dark, although the brand's CEO says the luminescent liquid is in progress. As a result, HYT has developed an alternative, a generator-powered LED light that debuts at H4 Metropolis.

Below six o'clock on the rider's label is a pair of blue LEDs driven by a generator. Essentially a mechanical generator that generates electricity by rotating coils and magnetic fields, the generator is driven by a four-point crown. The winding crown powers the generator while pressing the crown activates the LED.

They light up for five seconds and light the dial from the bottom for some short but dramatic effects. Light provides true fluorescent light for green liquids. Although there is a tassel on the illuminated display, its novelty is that the liquid time is displayed at home. Illumination with powerful visual effects is not possible in any other type of watch.tag heuer grand carrera calibre 17

Mechanically, the rest of the watch is identical to the HYT H1, but more mechanical devices can be seen in the front because the raised sub-dial is on a single transparent sapphire and the lower bridge is open.

The number of hours is indicated by the liquid in the glass vial surrounding the dial, while the minute is conventionally displayed by the pointer on the 12 o'clock seat dial. A spiral second hand is at nine o'clock and the power reserve is at three o'clock.

A pair of bellows at six o'clock drives the two liquids in the glass tube. Because they are oil and water, respectively, the two liquids cannot be mixed, and the meniscus between the two points to the hour. Over time, the bellows pushes the meniscus clockwise forward, and once it reaches 6 o'clock, the reversal occurs. The meniscus pushes back in an instant and then restarts like a retrograde.

Typical HYT, this watch is 51 mm in diameter, the case is lightweight, the case is made of titanium, and the bezel is coated with black diamond-like carbon (DLC). The back of the case is sapphire, revealing the movement, the same as the existing movement, but after the completion.

The manual winder has 65 hours of power reserve, and the timing section of the movement is actually relatively compact, occupying only half the volume inside the chassis. This part was built by complication specialist Chronode, and the liquid pumping mechanism was designed internally by HYT.

It is worth noting that the movement is done differently and more attractive than the usual HYT movement. These bridges are not silver slabs usually with Geneva stripes, but matte, making them darker. This is in sharp contrast to the polished slanted edges that appear to be mechanically applied but visually appealing.good replica watches



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