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  • 11/2/2017
I am working on getting some general upkeep done on my 2000 Blazer LS before taking a long drive from Louisiana to Ohio, a couple of days ago I went to a mechanic and had my radiator flushed. I watched him work and then I went home, about 2 blocks from his shop.

Later that day I went out to run errands and noticed that my temp gauge was rising to the notch between normal and hot and then lowering back to normal, it had never done this before I got the flush. I replaced the thermostat just in case and it's still doing it.

I spoke with my brother who lives in Ohio so he cannot help and he suggested that maybe the cooling system needed "burped" from his description of the process, the mechanic who flushed my radiator did not "burp" it.

My problem is, I have watched numerous youtube videos and talked to several people at parts stores and everyone is telling me something different about how to "burp" the system. Can anyone here describe to me in detail how I get the possible air pocket out of the cooling system?

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