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  • 2/9/2013
Originally posted by Rx7boy
@Talon, Oh yes they are! lolĀ 

@Car Freak, its called Sunset Orange with pearl from House Of Kolors. Wanted something unique I see alot of black,white,or red around town.
You've succeeded on your quest for a stand-alone car! Typically, orange just isent a color i would ever want on a car, but somehow you've pulled it off. So, props on that, man. Looks great.
  • 2/11/2013
It looks good man. I wanted to do the Imola Pearl Orange on my truck, but just found out that it will cost $1,200 for the tristage paint alone! I am trying to find something that is close but doesn't cost so much for the material! Sounds like this is a close match, if it is cheaper that is. 
  • 2/14/2013
One of my favorite color schemes I have saw! 
If you talk the talk, you better crankwalk the walk.
  • 2/16/2013
Thanks guys!

@Carfreak that price was about the same I got it for lol. I still have a can just in case anything else happens to my car which it did, dog scratched the hell out of my rear bumper so getting it repainted again.
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