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  • 5/7/2013
Talon got me thinking of an event that we just went to this past weekend at Bandimere Speedway just outside Denver.

I've seen my fair share of drag races, but nothing like this, and wanted to see if this is something that I've just missed in the past or what.

They ran the "street car showdown". Basically put, it entailed several passes to get your Set Time, which also constituted as qualifying. Once you passed qualifying, they entered you into a bracket. Each car, no matter how fast, was paired up with another car. 

They took the difference of those set times, and staggered the tree for start. So if one car got 10 seconds ET time, and the other got 15 seconds, the second car would start first, and the second would start 5 seconds after. Then whoever made it across the line won (without going OVER their set time!). 

thought it was pretty cool, just haven't seen it before. Is this something that's been around for eons that I just don't know about? lol
  • 5/8/2013
I haven't heard of that, but that sounds really fun actually! Id like to see an 8 second car go against say... a Prius? That would be a pretty fun race! I have seen car lengths without the tree, but never timing retarding for faster cars. 
  • 5/13/2013
Yeah, it was kinda cool, except when the car that obviously win doesn't... it's crazy watching a 9 second car catch up to a 15 second car, really really puts it into perspective. 
  • 5/13/2013
Haha, it kind of reminds me of this old youtube video:

  • 5/13/2013
Speaking of cool videos check this out at 36 seconds. I can honestly say that I have never and probably will never again see a go-pro mounted to a steers horn:

EDITED on 5/13/2013
  • 5/18/2013
Isn't that essentially bracket racing? Like remember the show "Pinks?" I did hear of the Colorado Grudge Racing, where you started from the staging lanes and passed the tree at a roll...  
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