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If you guys haven't checked it out already there is a pretty cool website called (Car ID). They carry parts and stuff for pret..» EDITED on 5/17/2013

WTB 2G GST/TSi FWD 5 speed

I have a friend on the western slope of colorado looking for said tranny, in operating condition. Ayone know of any??

Where to go next?

Ok guys with 4G63 (specifically 2g DSM 7 bolt) experience, I am throwing a P0420 and P1400 code on my 95 Talon. Well the P0420 is an eas..» EDITED on 4/23/2013

Corvette revamp

Woah! No thread about the new Vette C7 Stingray? Time to change that. What does everyone else think about this thing?

EDITED on 4/18/2013
Originally posted by tal..»

opinions on "hellaflush"?

I'm just wondering what you guys think about hellaflush... I personally think it looks horrible. Plus it serves no general performance p..» EDITED on 4/17/2013

1997 Saab 900 SE Talladega Edition For Sale

What would you pick as your next project car?

Here's what I'm  considering. Thoughts?

Galant VR-4

S13/S14 240sx with Silvia conversion & SR20 swap

EDITED on 4/11/2013
Haha, if you don't mind bl..»

1991 S13 coupe for sale

Wanting to sell my, recently turned into, shell. My friend decided to go ahead and do a head gasket job without me while I was in jai..»
EDITED on 4/6/2013

Random Question

Okay fellow Revvolutionaires it's that time again for me, your KDM Commander, to ask you a random question here on
EDITED on 3/30/2013
Man, i would actually have..»

looking for some general ideals for the durango.

Hows every one doing im looking for some general good ideals and cheap ones for my Durango I just bought it and its already got 31s hid ..» EDITED on 3/25/2013
actually for a budget lift..»
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