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FREE PORN! ( car porn that is )

Post your car porn here! Exotics, imports, tuners, bikes, classics, etc are all welcome! Lets make this a bandwidth sucking beast of a t..»

Bump Stick solutions...

So I have been trying to decide or figure out what a good cam configuration would be with my DSM. I know the most common is the 264/272 ..»

Just curious...

What would be a good engine swap for my accord? it currently has an f22b1. Just curious to know exactly what has to be changed.

4G63 6 Bolt Help!!

I am in the process of doing my 6 bolt swap and am seeing that the coolant lines are quite a bit different than my 2G. Do any of you guy..»

I spy with my little eye...

can you see anything unusual in these pictures?

Ha thats great!

You know what really grinds my gears? A communal rant thread.

so ive started this thread on a few other forums and i figured that here would be a great place to start one as well. things that have a..»

2011 Woodward Dream Cruise.*after-math?*

I just want to say thanks to detroitmuscle over at for making his videos.

This is 1 of the main reasons why I go back ..»
2011 Woodward Dream Cruise..»

Crazy engine swaps

Whats the craziest engine swap you guys have seen or heard about?
Read about this littl..»
Originally posted by Muf..»

Greatest car vs car movie chase

What would you say would be the greatest car vs car chase of all times in cinema?

I have to admit, I personally absolutely love the J..»
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