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Ab Flug dealer anyone?

All right, is anyone aware of where or how I can get my hands on an Ab Flug bodykit for one of my Z32's? Dealers anywhere or maybe one i..»

project build threads. where to post??

so i really would like to bring my project thread from mazdabscene to revvolution but wonder where i should put it??? in 4x4 or model sp..»
Haha, I think I need a sec..»

Signature issues

My signature is getting some weird sysmbols and letters every couple of words. its like /r/a/ or something like that. how do i fix that?
Signature issues

Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical AWD

I know in another thread I said I would try to find this video. It is based on Subaru's Symmetrical AWD but the tests seem pretty fair a..»

What cars you see around your town?

I'll start it off....

I always get a grin whenever I see this picture while going through my phone's gallery.

Forza 4

Anybody playing Forza 4? Seeing if anybody has interest in a "Revvolution" car club...I'd also like to see a Revvolution vinyl in the ga..»

Attention all mid-atlantic guys. Want to drive an exotic?

I normally don't do groupon, but I found a pretty decent deal at Summit Point Motorsports park:»
Yeah, I saw the same thing..»

any good mechanics / troubleshooters in the house?

My normally awesome and trusty van just up and died. Seemed like an electrical failure. I checked, and it looks like there's fuel, but..»

all wheel drive tuners? help?

Was curious as to what y'alls opinions on what awd cars are good/not so good for tuning/modding.. I was looking into evos, but my plan t..»

Best Cars under 5k

So a buddy of mine wanted to know what are the best cars under 5k? Preferably reliable and fun to drive. I've seen the insideline articl..»
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