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all wheel drive tuners? help?

Was curious as to what y'alls opinions on what awd cars are good/not so good for tuning/modding.. I was looking into evos, but my plan t..»

Best Cars under 5k

So a buddy of mine wanted to know what are the best cars under 5k? Preferably reliable and fun to drive. I've seen the insideline articl..»

FREE PORN! ( car porn that is )

Post your car porn here! Exotics, imports, tuners, bikes, classics, etc are all welcome! Lets make this a bandwidth sucking beast of a t..»

Bump Stick solutions...

So I have been trying to decide or figure out what a good cam configuration would be with my DSM. I know the most common is the 264/272 ..»

Just curious...

What would be a good engine swap for my accord? it currently has an f22b1. Just curious to know exactly what has to be changed.

4G63 6 Bolt Help!!

I am in the process of doing my 6 bolt swap and am seeing that the coolant lines are quite a bit different than my 2G. Do any of you guy..»

I spy with my little eye...

can you see anything unusual in these pictures?

Ha thats great!

You know what really grinds my gears? A communal rant thread.

so ive started this thread on a few other forums and i figured that here would be a great place to start one as well. things that have a..»

2011 Woodward Dream Cruise.*after-math?*

I just want to say thanks to detroitmuscle over at for making his videos.

This is 1 of the main reasons why I go back ..»
2011 Woodward Dream Cruise..»
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