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Stock DSM and other turbo parts!

These items will go on E-bay this week! All prices do not include shipping! $10-20 for that...

Stock 14b turbo with ported O2 housin..»

ABS light on my Honda???

I recently serviced my honda and got the thumbs up check up; however about two weeks later my ABS light starting popping up yesterday. I..»
Originally posted by Fwi..»

Currently looking for a project car

As I asked i was told where to begin on my edification of all things auto. My search for the right car was easy I settled on a Honda civ..»

Toyota FT86 | Scion FR-S | Subaru BRZ Discussion.

Hows everyone doing? Just wondering if anyone in here was thinking about getting one of these, hopefully wonderful, vehicles. I am think..»

Official B.S./Scammer/Phony Shop Thread. Post Your Experiences!

First and foremost! I did not start this thread to bash any shops. Just to warn others that depite the plaques on the walls sometimes ..»

Where to put it

So I would like to start a Reference thread for things such as conversions and formulas for finding C.I.D. and proper fuel injector size..»

Any photoshop pros in the house?

I just added my build log of my C10 in the build logs area and am currently trying to figure out what paint I want to go with. The main ..»


How many of us on here went to one of those schools, or one similar? I know there's a lot of us on here now, sort of. Thoughts,opinions,..»

Revv sightings thread

Given that there are a ton of REVVOLUTION.COM vinyls floating around out there, thought it was time to start a Revvolution vinyl sightin..»

2005 WRX

I dont own the car anymore but I thought I would share this will ya'll.
2005 Impreza WRX
TD04 13T Turbo
3" turboback
STi Up pipe
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