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Intake Check Valves

So the 3" check valve I ordered came in last night. Pretty disapointed...

Granted, it is made for boats to keep the water from c..»

Exhaust Cut Outs

Is anyone on here using exhaust cutouts? electric, manual, vacuum or boost actuated?

06 Mustang Chrome GT Grill

I have a 06 Mustang GT stock honeycomb grill w/ a chrome overlay insert for sale. Asking 75.00 OBO. The grill was on the car when I boug..»
06 Mustang Chrome GT Grill

Good starter's drift

OK - have been thinking about putting something together to get the rubber shredded with plumes of smoke to follow.

So, at this point..»

FS: (IL) custom widebody 3000gt

My custom widebody 3000gt for sale, you can see the car on this site and it speaks for itself.

car is located in champaign, IL


How it all got started...

I took a look around and did not see another thread like this so I was curious. What is our stories? How did we all get into the car mod..»


Can anyone tell me more in depth about rotaries? I am interested in them cuz i liked the look and feel of a RX-7 Fd and RX-8. But a lot ..»
Originally posted by tal..»

lets talk V8s...

what are some good engines for transplants? i need something small but able to reach five hundy horses...want to throw it in the v
Sounds like it is time to ..»

Lowered Vehicle

Just put Eibach Sportlines Springs on the Eclipse. It was suppose to drop the front 1.8in but actually dropped it 2.5in. Making the clea..»

Warm Weather and My Car

So I have forgotten how my car idles when the temps reach over 50*F outside. It wont idle below 1400RPM. Also in warm weather if you mak..»
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