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  • 10/4/2011
~off-topic... wow im the first one to post in this section of the forums O.o amazing... ~on-topic... As i am aware there are 2 different kinds of frankenstein swaps.. The real one being the k20a5 bottom end with a k24 head(this one isnt highly talked about... the reasons exactly? i dont know why) the most famous and secondary one that followed the one mentioned above being the k24 bottom end with a k20a head... this one is the most famous for the power that it pulls out for being a hybrid and stock... 230-240+ whp proved by hasport... After talking to a friend of mine abotu which would be better(lemme remind you that hes an all honda person and used to have a honda accord with the frank swap... the first one mentioned), and he said i should go with the k20a5 bottom and k24 head due to being able to have vtec on demand(on demand as in whenever i would like due to the fact that the block can withstand the raise in oil pressure at low rpms) and to go with a specific ecu(dont remember atm but will update when i get the name again.. no its not kpro), but he recommended it because it has launch control so that my car wont peel out whenever i decide to race someone from the line... Please no sarcastic responses... I am only looking for opinions and answers to my questions... dont act like ppl in other forums that they just instead start flaming the authors ideas and tell them its shit... thank you and ill be looking forward to the communities answers ~Papo
  • 8/5/2019
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  • 9/9/2019
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  • 9/14/2019
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  • 1/28/2020
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  • 2/19/2020
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  • 3/4/2020


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  • 3/11/2020
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