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  • 6/12/2013
Looking to get $400 shipped. They are in near mint condition with only the drivers side upper tab broken off. The lenses are crystal clear and are Lamin-X'ed ($55) to keep them clear forever. They also have carbon fiber eyelids ($50), come with a plug and play wire harness(between $65 - $100) and have all brand new Hella bulbs(about $100).

The $400 price tag is what I am looking to get shipped, the prices in the parenthesis are what you would expect to pay if I wasn't already including it. 1 pic is before the eyelids(which you can still take off the eyelid if you wanted to, the other 3 pics are closeups.

Contact me via PM or text (719)246-8283

PayPal only

I am in Colorado Springs

$50 off for a local sale

EDITED on 6/12/2013
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