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  • 11/21/2013

If you have one of the new Ford Focus STs, is the place to be.  Aside from offering many of the bolt-on parts for this vehicle to help transform it into a much more beastly performance hatch, we actually bought our own Ford Focus ST earlier in the year and have been modifying it since.

We recently picked up Boomba Racing products and we are proud to have them in our lineup.  Here are some pictures of their initial offerings for the Focus ST turbocharged hatch.  They'll be releasing more parts as they are developed. 

Happy modding!

The Boomba Racing rear engine mount isn't a new concept, but it's their own version of a much needed upgrade from the factory setup. The factory has a very soft motor mount bushing that gives the driver a "sloppy" feel when quickly accelerating and decelerating. Ultimately, this doesn't allow the power and especially torque, to be transferred to the ground properly. With this 2 piece motor mount solution from Boomba Racing, it will eliminate that sloppy feeling and provide a much more direct feel and better feedback to the driver. Performance truly is FELT IMMEDIATELY after installation. You will NOT be disappointed! On top of that, it looks MUCH nicer than the factory mount, giving you both performance and style, which is what modifying is all about.


Boomba Racing's Short Throw Shifter replaces the factory shifting assembly that the driver is ultimately controlling. A 1 inch shorter rod naturally reduces throw greatly. However, the shifter is adjustable with 3 settings that will provide a range of 10%, 20%, or 30% reduction in throw. This allows you to set it up where you feel comfortable. A short shifter allows the driver to select each gear EASIER and FASTER through a shorter travel and more direct input.

With the Transmission Bracket from Boomba Racing, you are modifying the factory bracket located underneath the hood in the actual engine bay of the car. The cables that the shifter inside the car are attached to reach out to this bracket and when you add the new Boomba bracket, it allows short travel of the cables themselves to actually engage any given gear. This can be utilized alone or in conjunction with the short shifter for an even larger throw reduction. The bracket alone provides up to a 30% reduction in throw and when combined with the short shifter, it will provide up to 51% reduction. This is also a MAJOR difference from factory and not another disappointing modification. This WILL make a NOTICEABLE difference right away!

As always, if you have any questions, please contact the team here at Edge Autosport or PM us! We'd be glad to help you with anything we can. Thanks for checking us out!

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  • 4 months ago
This focus ford sts is looking quite better in quality in compression with previous products.Can you please explain according to selling point of view about this pvas
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