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  • 2/4/2013
Hi everyone, I'm Andrew. I'm just starting out in time attack and haven't modified my car much. It's big and heavy, but in time I hope to have it competitive. I ran my first GTA event this past weekend and look forward to more. I also anticipate being in a few auto cross events as soon as my Alfa Romeo is done.
  • 2/6/2013
Alfa Romeo, very nice! And welcome to Revvolution! I have always wanted to get involve in Auto-X or Time Attack myself, but living on the western slope of Colorado does not offer much more than street or mountain cruises and some drag racing. How was your first experience running GTA?
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  • 2/13/2013
Hey Andrew! Not sure how I missed this intro! Official welcome to the site man. I loved your car, I think it was the only completely stock car there (aside from minor upgrades)... 

What are your plans for future GTA events? Did that Whiteline sponsorship ever work out?
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