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  • 8/2/2013
Damn man I love where you're at in your build, those first big steps are always exciting. Any updates??
  • 9/5/2013
Update wise, I was rear ended about 3 weeks ago by a drunk driver, so I've been without my rex since then :( But hopefully she'll be getting fixed this week. So no new updates yet power wise, but in a couple of months we'll see :). Larger top mount first I'm thinking and take it from there.
  • 9/11/2013
Damn dude, that's awful. F*cking hate hearing stories about that stuff. As long as you're OK tho, that's the most important. 

Get the rex back yet?
  • 9/12/2013
That's true. All is good health wise, a little physical therapy for my fiance but, I got about 7 or 8 days left til the shop gets my rex all fixed and purty again. Hopefully anyway. Super excited!
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