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  • 11/1/2012

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Nothing different this year; Dub’Cember is the only Euro Car GTG and Toy Drive that keeps the spirit of the holidays alive. Since 2005 Dub’Cember has been the biggest and only true Euro car enthusiast’s toy drive to benefit the Children’s Hospital. This event started in a parking lot, and we found out it needed to be relocated in 2006 due to the support and amount of enthusiasts that attended in 2005. Last year, we collected more toys than any year in the past! So many in fact, the hospital had to roll out the huge toy box to put them all in. rolling over 8 trollies of toys would have a bit too much to bring through the halls of the Children’s Hospital. We are proud to announce that Dub’Cember and Fun City have teamed up again! Saturday December 1st, starting at 11am; join the MetroDubs crew and ANY automobile enthusiasts in helping the Children’s Hospital collect toys and give hope and enjoyment to the children in need. PLACE: Fun City, 9670 West Coal Mine Avenue, Littleton, CO 80123-4004DATE: Saturday, December 1st, 2012TIME: (GTG) 11:00am (Bowling and indoor activities) 1:00pm There is bowling, kids karting, laser tag and of course beer and food… We hope to see EVERYONE there; remember, this is for the children in need.[url] This is a "snow" or shine event! The Children’s Hospital Wish List Thank you for your interest in providing toys and other needed items for the patients at The Children’s Hospital. To assist you in making decisions about what to provide, here are a few guidelines: 1. Items that we are in need of the most include: • Toys for infants and toddlers (see list) • Items for teenagers (see list) 2. Items we cannot accept are: • Used items • Bubbles Toys for Infants and Toddlers There are many children in the hospital that are in this age group (1 month-3 years). Items that work best are those with few pieces and are easily disinfected (nothing cloth). Rattles Infant Mobiles (Wimmer Ferguson black & white) Cribside mounted toys (washable) peaceful aquariums Squeeze toys Rubber balls - all sizes Shape sorters Pounding Toys (pound and ball set, hammering bench) Books-sound, cardboard, vinyl, pop-up, English and Spanish Light up infant toys Baby gyms/activity centers Pop-up Toys Music box Teethers Crib Mirrors Dublo boxes Lullaby & soft music CD’s & tapes See & Says Infant Bouncy Seats (vibrating) Boppy Pillows & Covers Baby Einstein items Toddler riding & push toys Toy phones Duplo blocks Strike a ball Infant dolls: both genders, all ethnicities Puzzles 10 pieces or less Stacking toys Rescue heros Little Tykes (wagons, push cars, riding toys) Toy cash register Play mobile sets Kitchen sets with plastic food Infant bead mazes Fisher Price Little People sets, play sets, farm animals furniture, farm garage, castle, medical play etc. Teenagers Adolescent clothing (pajamas for girls, t-shirts, sweat shirts, sweat pants, sports clothing for boys, sweaters, hoodies etc.) Colorful body pillows Purses: cut/trendy, over the shoulder, etc. Arts & Crafts: bead kits, scrapbooking kits, fuzzy felt posters, stained glass, fuse bead with peg shapes. Bean bag chairs Book sets Blank journals Book – adolescent theme, English & Spanish Video’s/DVD’s No R rated: English & Spanish Exercise mats – plastic/vinyl Models Nail polish sets Cases of Puffs Plus tissues Klulz Arts & Crafts books Puzzles 500-1,000 pieces Games: Othello, Battleship, Trouble, Clue, Connect 4, playing cards, Scrabble, Sorry, Yahtzee, Tri-Ominos, Catch Phrase, Uno, Skip Bo etc. Magazine subscriptions (Sports Illustrated, Sports Illustrated for kids, fashion, Teen) Disposable cameras Video Game Systems (Playstation 2, GameCube, X-Box) Handheld Video Game Systems (Gameboy Advance, PSP) Video Games for all of the above systems: (games must be rated with "E" or "T") Extra controllers for video game systems Polaroid film Headphones for CD players Portable CD players with AM/FM radio CD boom boxes/stereos Blank cassette tapes and video tapes CD ROM games for computer (educational/ painting programs/entertaining) DVD players Polaroid cameras with film Blank cassette tapes and video tapes Popular pop rock CD’s Camcorder Digital cameras 19” TV/VCR/DVD players as one unit on cart Portable DVD players with 7” screens Color printer Gift cards in $20.00 increments (Target, Best Buy, Gap etc.) _______________Always In Need_____________ Markers Colored Pencils Crayons (8 pack) Water color paints Play dough Pony Beads Sketch pads, word searches, all ages, cross word puzzles Puzzles 24-500 pieces Playing cards Small Lego & Kinex kits Spanish language books and videos Glue & glue sticks Scissors Batteries: C,D,AA,AAA Search & find books: Where’s Waldo, I Spy etc. Craft kits
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  • 11/6/2012
Nice! I was really impressed with the EuroBerge event a few weeks ago, and I certainly would love to make it out to this event as well... not to mention it's for a good cause. How many vehicles do you expect to be there? Also a good fundraiser?
  • 11/9/2012
Last year there were about 60 cars. All of the gifts, money, and whatever that is donated are brought to the Children's Hospital in Aurora on Monday morning. The pic above with the TV was from last year. Completely filled my Jetta to the max... Only room for me to drive it to the hospital! Spread the word. this isn't just for VW, Audi and german cars.. It's for the children and the more people involved, the more gifts we can donate to them.
  • 11/20/2012

*** Updated logo.. finally ***
  • 11/20/2012
Nice! Keep us in the loop for the event. Hopefully we can get some people up there
  • 11/28/2012
This Saturday!
  • 12/1/2012
well.. i spent just over $150 at target... after a 15% discount!!! I can't wait for this!!
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