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We here at are a group of enthusiasts living the Modified Lifestyle. At our core is our collective passion for all things automotive, but it is the way that we individually exhibit our passions every day which sets us apart yet bonds us together. If you're living The Modified Lifestyle, then you're part of #TeamRevv.



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Ryan Randels

Founder / Editor

Living the Modified Lifestyle one opportunity at a time. As a true media enthusiast, I've developed Revvolution to really exemplify my passions: photography, video, writing, social, and above all else, promoting the automotive scene and lifestyle. I absolutely love working with the team that we've developed over the last year as we advance and cannot wait to see where this takes us.

Corey Davis

Creative Director / Lead Photographer

I'm a commercial freelance photographer from Colorado who graduated from CU Boulder with a BFA in Fine Art Photography. As an enthusiast of the Modified Lifestyle, I have a passion for all things automotive and enjoy sharing the hard work and money that goes into building the cars I photograph by creating unique and timeless images.

Dmitriy Orlov

Technical Director

Jack of all trades, master of some. Driven by the entrepreneurial spirit, with a passion for technology and innovation, I live to change the world. As the CEO of Orlov Design, a start-up design and engineering firm, I work with the leaders in the automotive aftermarket and race industries. My work depends on, defines, and is on the cutting edge of the Modified Lifestyle.

Joel Chan

Photographer / Graphic Designer

Joel Chan is an editorial and commercial Photographer/ Designer, specializing in Automotive and Lifestyle Photography with a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery. His abnormally high energy level allows him to bring a plethora of ideas to any project he’s working on.
Youngk's Profile Image

Kenta Young

Social Curator

My passion for everything automotive goes back further than I can recall and for me, the modified lifestyle is exactly that, a lifestyle. Whether I’m out photographing cars, attending events, or daydreaming of project cars, the #ModLife has consumed me. Having a background in computer science and visual arts/photography allows me to bring a unique technical, yet creative, approach to everything I do.

Brian Hannon


Grew up around cars and racing, a passion fueled by my whole family. Participated in numerous track days with cars and motorcycles as well as covered the NASA East Coast Honda Challenge for Grassroots Motorsports. Now that I'm in Colorado I'm enamored with the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb... borderline obsessive...

Rick Jensen

Feature Writer

Rick's a Turbo Buick and EFI GM nut who was born in Nebraska, then reborn on the mean streets of Queens, NYC. Spent high school and college wrenching and racing before moving to NYC and spending 13 years as the editor-in-chief, editor, and writer for some of America's best automotive magazines, websites, and ad agencies. Favorite moments include running low 10s in my Turbo Buick, Exposing GM's weak-assed early CTS-V drivetrains, road racing Corvettes and Camaros, and doing high-boost launches to make my kid laugh.

Nathan Leach-Proffer


I am a freelance editorial and commercial photographer with a background in ad agency account management. Cars were my first obsession and have shaped my life since I started taking over the house to build hotwheel tracks as a kid. My love of photography was born from that obsession with speed, design, and that smell you only really get at the track.

James Harris



James Harris spent his formative elementary school years drawing race cars during class on scraps of paper, homework, note paper, etc., instead of learning math and history. That's why James chose photography as his career path. James shot his first racing assignment in 1984 photographing the Camel GT Prototype series at Sears Point International Raceway near Sonoma, California. With such cars as Jaguars, McClarens, and the legendary Porsche 962 driven by Al Holbert, James was definitely in his element. This is Jim's #ModLife.

Anthony Alaniz


Born and raised in southeast Michigan. Chose to stay out of necessity. Staff writer at a small community newspaper covering city government, the schools and whatever else happens in town. J-school graduate from EMU, weekend mechanic, car enthusiast and open-road connoisseur. Open to all invites of hospitality and adult beverages.

Kevin Landers



When I'm not out serving in the Army, I'm behind my camera shooting video. My love for the modified lifestyle is not only shown through my lens, but also in my day to day life — from the car I drive to the people I hang around with.

Cooper Naitove


From manning the radio at my father's races as a child to modifying exotic cars for sheiks and high school kids in Saudi Arabia; I have been involved with the automotive world my entire life. I took up photographing cars during my time in Business school seven years ago and the rest is history.

Nick "Rack 'Em" Pinkerton

Social Curator / Photographer

I live my life one half-open door of opportunity at a time. 

Randy Montgomery



I’m a Commercial Freelance Photographer born and raised in Southern California and transplanted in Portland Oregon.  I’ll be graduating from the Art Institute of Portland in 2014, receiving my Bachelors in Fine Arts with a minor in Sustainability.  I grew up living the Modified lifestyle, everything from the love of modifying my cars to my passion for photographing all things automotive related.  I love this lifestyle, the cars, and the amazing people that make it up.  Everything I do in life revolves around my desire and drive to be unique, to be apart of something that stands out and leaves its mark.